Most people who do infrared (IR) photography might be unaware that it can also be used for covert night time photography, such as for wildlife or surveillance. Many CCTV security cameras are designed to be IR sensitive, and used together with IR illumination which is almost invisible to human eyes, can record photos and videos at night.

In late 2012 to early 2013, I modified a Canon PowerShot SX20IS to be IR sensitive, and also modified its built-in flash to emit IR. I also modified a small LED lamp by replacing its white light LEDs with specially selected IR light LEDs. Together with this small modified LED lamp, I used the camera to photograph Australian wildlife, the common possums, at a public park in Melbourne CBD.

The following gallery contains images of the possums photographed at night, and the Canon PowerShot SX20IS and LED lamp dismantled in its modification process.

A few months later in 2013, I photographed possums again at night with a modified Canon PowerShot G9 and modified a bigger LED lamp.

Night wildlife in IR