In December 2008, I collaborated with a Singaporean photographer named David Sim who flew over to Melbourne with his clients Chloe and Zihao to do their wedding photography. Being a permanent resident of Melbourne, I was both his local guide and assisting photographer. The couple was photographed around Melbourne and at a winery in Mornington Peninsula.

Since David uses Nikon equipment, for convenience and compatibility with his equipment, I photographed this couple with a Nikon D300 borrowed from the company I was working for, Camera Clinic.

Over many years, with the ever increasing number of people buying digital cameras and doing wedding photography as a side hustle, the slice of the pie has gotten very small. I have not photographed any weddings since I first came to Australia, and gradually lost interest in this area of photography. This was the last wedding photography I did.

Wedding of Chloe and Zihao