In May 2018, during late autumn, I drove to Olinda and Sherbrooke on Mount Dandenong (about 45km from Melbourne). I came here a few times to photograph the orange and red leaves of the season.

In June and July 2018, during winter, I drove eastwards out of Melbourne to East Warburton (about 80km from Melbourne), Mount Donna Buang (about 90km from Melbourne), Black Spur in Fernshaw and Steavenson Falls in Marysville (about 100km from Melbourne). Using a camera and lens with gloves on was far from easy and the cold made it a bit painful.

In August 2018, still during winter, I drove as far as to Mount Hotham (about 390km from Melbourne). This road trip was planned to coincide with the annual 2-day sled dog race at the alpine village of Dinner Plain, but despite leaving home at 4am, I arrived too late on the second day to catch any of the final race action. Apart from painful freezing fingers, my toes were also painfully freezing in wet boots soon after walking in snow. The last time I was here on Mount Hotham was in December 2012 during summer.

These road trips were an opportunity for me to unwind, appreciate the great outdoors which I really should do more, and play with my newer, second-hand but still discontinued Canon EOS 7D, and also the second-hand Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens which I bought for an insanely low price.

The above gallery presents the HDR images photographed during these road trips.

Scenery in HDR – part 6