Jemapela Photography can be contacted by anybody around the world through the following e-mail address.

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Jemapela Photography uses Facebook to maintain contact with family and friends, some models and photographers, past employers and some acquaintances around the world. Generally and usually, only persons who have been met in the face are added as “friends” or contacts in social networking websites.

Jemapela Photography mostly uses Model Mayhem to seek modeling talent. Jemapela Photography is keen to hear of suggestions and ideas from photographers and models for collaborative projects.

Compliments, criticisms, or a discussion of techniques or ideas, through e-mail is welcomed.

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21 November 2009

The domain name was first registered as early as in September 2002 to create this Jemapela Photography website. In its earliest form, I created this website by writing HTML and using Microsoft Frontpage, and later enhanced with Macromedia Dreamweaver.

This website underwent a major change in November 2009 using WordPress, a free and open-source content management system with plugin architecture and a template system most associated with blogging. This WordPress website was encouraged and set up with the knowledge and assistance of my ex-girlfriend, and the domain-registration and web-hosting expertise of my best friend.

The first two creators of this website, my ex-girlfriend and best friend with me having a Korean dinner in Melbourne Chinatown.


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