Although I began photography in 1990, my interest in portraits began much later in 1999 and has not stopped since then. Back then in the 1990s, digital camera technology was in its infancy and digital cameras were very unaffordable to many people. Many of my portraits were shot on film until my first digital camera came.

The very first digital camera my father bought was a compact Canon PowerShot G2. This compact digital camera was targeted at serious photographers, and it was very expensive by today’s standards for that $1000 price tag. Released in early 2002, it only has 4 megapixels in resolution, but it produced very nice images. However, it was not the best camera to shoot portraits because of its limited-range built-in zoom lens. I used the Canon PowerShot G2 in tandem with a professional-class Canon EOS 3 film SLR camera in Singapore until late 2004.

In this gallery are some of the many images I photographed in Singapore in 2002 to 2004. During some photo shoots, posed behind-the-scenes images are sometimes shot for documentary or evidential purposes.

This gallery contains portraits photographed using Canon PowerShot G2 and a borrowed Nikon D100 from a man I frequently worked for as a freelance photographer. The Nikon D100 was probably my first experience with a digital SLR camera, and being a brand that I did not frequently use, I did not use it correctly or expertly. All portrait images I produced before 2002 were photographed on 35mm print film, and were not digitized for display in this gallery.

Compliments, criticisms, or a discussion of techniques or ideas, through e-mail is welcomed.

Portraits in SG – part 1

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