I first came to Australia in February 2002, arriving Melbourne to pursue a university degree in electronic engineering which I completed with Honours. Coming to Australia allowed me greater freedom and scope to execute bolder ideas with confident and creative people, some of whom model themselves. Coming from a conservative Asian country, Australia gave me great opportunities I could not pursue. I admitted feel that much of my portrait photography in the early years was probably not fantastic. I used a cheap Canon film SLR camera in tandem with a Canon PowerShot G2 compact digital camera in Australia until late 2004.

In this gallery are some of the many images I photographed in Australia in 2002 to 2004. During some photo shoots, posed behind-the-scenes images are sometimes shot for documentary or evidential purposes.

Be advised that some images contain adult or alternative themes, or nudity. These images are not suitable for young persons and may be offensive to conservative or religious persons.

Compliments, criticisms, or a discussion of techniques or ideas, through e-mail is welcomed.

Portraits in AU – part 1

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