In early 2005, my father bought me my first digital SLR camera, a Canon EOS 20D for which I am grateful. This digital SLR camera was targeted at serious photographers, and it was very expensive by today’s standards for that $1900 price tag. Announced in August 2002, it only has 8.2 megapixels in resolution, but it produced very nice images. Already using Canon imaging products, I could use my existing Canon lenses and accessories with this brand new DSLR camera, and I began using it in February 2005 in Australia. As several years went by, I upgraded in Australia to the newer Canon EOS 40D (second-hand) and also a full-frame Canon EOS 5D (repaired by a colleague and bought off him). There was also a Canon EOS 600D kept in Singapore which I used a few times when I visited Singapore.

In this gallery are some of the many images I photographed in Singapore over 10 years in 2005 to 2015. During some photo shoots, posed behind-the-scenes images are sometimes shot for documentary or evidential purposes.

Be advised that some images contain adult or alternative themes, or nudity. These images are not suitable for young persons and may be offensive to conservative or religious persons.

Compliments and criticisms through the comments feature, or through e-mail, are welcomed.

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Portraits in SG – part 2

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